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Feel Empty!

I tak update blog dah mcm lama gila. Mmg lama pun! kesian blog ni.,,, Dah terbiar mcm semak pula, :( im not having good day like you people. kadang kadang rasa empty je. I don't know why n what is it. Maybe dah bertahun duduk boarding school. Jarang duduk rumah. bila kt rumah rasa awkward. xtw nk buat apa sangat. time habis spm I jarang keluar. Just elalu bermain dengan adik-adikku. so tak terasa sangat la empty  but now ? * sigh

See people. there must be happy ending in everybody story but maybe it appears in different ways that we never expected.

Sometimes I fell lonely, sometime I'm happy without any reasons. Just smile if I have any problems... I try to solve it alone and make people around me happy with me. There do not realize my truly feelings. I try to forget it and have fun together with my friends. Without them, i feel bored, There are my sunshine.

If i gonna to say that  my life is hard. I can't  because I know there a lot of people out there which their life is much harder and complicated than me. Alhamdulillah, Thanks god. Ya Allah kuatkan imanku dan berikanlah ketabahan dan kesabaran yg tinggi dlm diriku ini.

Your soulmate will only appear once in your life. If you dont appreciate and take them as yours. you gonna lose them forever and they will never return back and give you the second chances. So redha pada ketentuan-NYA. Just Pray Always. (^_^)

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