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Pray For Them

Hmmmmm lately,there's been too many losses. Mostly,unpredictable! Life is going upside down. Oh,suratan takdir! Redha je,ade hikmah disebaliknye 2...  For those yg kehilangan,I'm truly sorry & for those yg belum merasa cam2... don't to be happy yet. Things can simply turn their way around in a twink je. Kita takde kat tempat diorang,so kita mmg xbape fhm how are they feeling now. It's really hard indside,i know when u're try 2 happy in front of us. but life must be go on my friends,provide those yg dah dijemput Allah itu dengan our prayers,moga Allah tempatkan mereka di kalangan orang yg beriman. AMIN... insya-allah.

I hate someone today,and the person might be gone tomorrow. guess who??? Be angry with a person today,and it might be your last anger towards him/her. Exspeacially,2 my parents n my friends. I always make them angry 2 me. Jgn ingat orang yg kita sayang je yg akan pergi,orang yg kita tak suka pun akn pergi jgk 6t.  Please seek forgiveness from all,before u're late. As,we know nothing about the future. Just life better now. Be a positive person,it can avoid everything.

Yg msh hidup,remember that Allah lebih sygkan mereka yg pergi itu drpd kita. 
Everything happens for a reason,be strong! U can survive dear friend. I believe u. U've us to support u in the future.
As Allah will never place a burden too heavy to be carried by His servants. 
He knows best,bear that in mind. Think positive! :)

We share everything. Happy,sadness,memories n so on.... TAKZIAH utk rakan2ku yg kehilangan insan tersayang. Al-Fatihah.

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  1. weyhh please forgive me for everything ya..
    it's easy to forgive but it's hard to forgot!
    but just forget it la... =)